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Marcel en Helma Luijendijk

Marcel and Helma Luijendijk

Water & Air Experts

When Marcel was still a magnetiseur, he always gave his clients a glass of water after a treatment. One of his clients in 2001 noted Marcel that not all tap and bottled water is really healthy. He then started to delve into this subject and in that same year Marcel, together with his wife Helma,started importing water filtration systems from South Korea, under the name Tradeline. This is what Marcel and Helma are still doing up to this day!

In January 2017, the two entrepreneurs acquired BK Wholesale BV with the AQV-Systems brand. AQV-Systems offers the same high-quality water filtration systems, which Tradeline has been importing for years. In addition to filtering − mineralizing, vitalizing and alkalising the filter systems the water.

Since September 2019, daughter Luka has also joined working with Marcel and Helma,making it a family business!

Luka and her buddy Fientje are inseparable from each other.
Where Luka goes, Fientjegoes.

At work she is mainly dealing with marketing and sales. In addition, she is also responsible for a large part of the administration and customer contact on a daily basis. Really anything! Outside working hours, Luka can be found almost every day on the hedge or in the forest with, you guessed it, Fientje.

Luka en Fientje

Luka Knoop

Marketing & Sales

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