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Water is life. Pure water is healthy living.

No other food affects your body more than the quality of your drinking water.

Love water with H2

More and more doctors, scientists and naturopaths are pointing out that despite the enormous supply of drinking water, many of our so-called diseases of civilization have to do with insufficiently pure drinking water quality. The cluttered amount of industrially produced types of water with different compositions make more and more people looking for healthy drinking water uncertain. With this in mind, Aqua living® does its research and develops its products.

The environmentally friendly Spring-time water purifiers take nature as their model for its exceptionally good drinking water quality. Pure, fresh and slightly mineralized water has provided optimal care for the human body for thousands of years. It is precisely these properties that make Spring-time® water one of the healthiest waters ûberhaupt.

Spring Time H2 Water


Nature back in your drinking water

After filtration, it's all about revitalizing your drinking water. Environmental pollution, chemical water treatment in water treatment plants, the high pressure, straight water pipes with right angles and the altogether unnatural treatment of tap water greatly disturb the inner structure, the "living" structure.

The good news is that water can be resuscitated. Aqua living® has been studying the nature of water for more than twenty years and has succeeded in integrating nature-based techniques. The spring time® water treatment devices incorporate the following renaturing steps that, in their unique combination, enable purity, vitality, natural character and exceptionally good taste.

Spring Time H2 Water
Lineup of Aqualiving Springtime H2

Aqualiving® Spring-Time H2 Premium

As easy to operate as a coffee maker

Aqualiving Spring-Time H2 with explanation

Now you may be wondering if it is difficult to deal with this complex technology of Spring-Time. On the contrary! Our credo is: the technology may be complicated, the application should be simple. Although we are even market leaders with some of our technical innovations, the operation of our appliances could not be more intuitive or simple. Someone who has ever used a coffee maker can easily operate all spring-time appliances.

You do not need a specialist or a handy family member to enjoy freshly squeezed water in organic quality, starting now and for many years to come. Even the maintenance and semi-annual replacement of the pre-filter is child's play and can be done without tools.

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