(H)eerlijk gefilterd drinkwater

Aqualiving Spring-Time H2 Premium

Optimal water cleaning, water renaturing, vitalising plus hydrogen addition in 1 device. Hydrogen water, reverse osmosis water and tap water.


The standard for drinking water quality has been redefined!

The combination of ultra-modern filters and membranes, the addition of a hydrogen generator, Schauberger vitalisation and no fewer than nine renaturing steps results in a unique drinking water quality.

The disadvantages of reverse osmosis and basic water ionisers are solved!

For those who want more than a water filter.

In the Aqualiving Spring-Time H2 units, water is optimally cleaned using a multi-step reverse osmosis technique, water regains its original properties thanks to 9-step renaturing, and active hydrogen is added.

This combination makes for delicious water with unrivalled health benefits.

Product data



  • Water cleaning, water renaturing and hydrogen production in a compact and easy to operate unit.
  • Filters
    • Sediment, active carbon,
    • reverse osmosis and
    • Ceramic filters
  • removes up to 100% of all harmful substances
  • produces 100% clean hydrogen water without oxidising agents
  • produces 120 ml H2 per minute
  • For every 1 litre of filtered water, only 0.4 litres of residual water is needed (usually 2 to 10 litres!)
  • semi-automatic cleaning and maintenance
  • automatic membrane rinsing

Colours and design

  • The Aqualiving spring-time appliances have interchangeable fronts with 15 different designs.
  • There are two housing colours, white and black
  • Thirty possible design combinations are possible

Technical data

  • Ph value around 7
  • Power supply 12/24 volts
  • Unique possibility to take the Spring Time with you to the campsite or to the boat
  • Power consumption only 24 watts
  • dimensions: 300x350x300 mm
  • Weight without water: 6.2 kg
  • Pre-filter change every 6 months

Scope of delivery

  • spring-time H2 Premium
  • an additional pre-filter
  • descaling agent

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