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AQV 5 Water filter from abs - white tank

The AQV 5 is a 4-in-1 water system that filters tap water, mineralizes, vitalizes and also makes the water alkaline (alkaline). In other words, crystal clear and healthy drinking water in no time.
This model has a white upper tank.


199.00 - 209.00

AQV 5 Water Filter

The AQV is a 4-in-1 water system that filters tap water, mineralizes, vitalizes and also makes the water alkaline (alkaline). In other words, crystal clear and healthy drinking water in no time.

The AQV is available for small and large households, practices and gyms (available in 5 liters, 10 liters or 12 liters), can be placed anywhere without electricity or a water connection, has an excellent price/quality ratio and is of course free of harmful substances such as bpa and phthalates.

AQV 5 Water Filter - The Benefits

  • Plastic (abs) collection tank
    The water filter tank is made of abs. A food-safe plastic that does not release flavors, odors, BPAs, phthalates or other toxic substances into the water.
    This model is also available with a glass water filter tank.
  • Excellent filtration
    Filters deeply through ceramic filter and multi-step filter cartridge.
  • Alkaline or pH neutral
    With the separate pH ring, you have the choice of increasing the pH of the filtered water by 1 to 1.5 pH points to slightly alkaline water. If you do not use the ring, the water becomes pH neutral with a pH of around 7.3.
  • Convenience
    Effortlessly turns tap water into delicious mineral water, no more lugging water bottles around. Can be placed anywhere (no electricity or water connection required).
  • Savings
    Save on the high cost of bottled water and save the environment.
  • Excellent taste
    Because chlorine, drug residues, pesticides and other contaminants have been effectively removed, unpleasant odors are gone and minerals have been added to the water. Now you know again the taste of deliciously fresh spring water.
  • Low maintenance
    Only change the filters once a year and the mineral stones once every three years, otherwise maintenance-free.

AQV 5 Water Filter - Technology

Water is created in nature as rainwater slowly percolates through various layers of soil. As a result, it is filtered, absorbing important minerals and trace elements. The AQV water filtration systems mimic this natural process

  • Nature
    AQV's water technology mimics water in nature to return water to its original form.
  • Superior in filtration
    AQV is demonstrably capable of high-quality filtration, including for chlorine, chloramine, mercury and volatile organic compounds. The performance level of the AQV is superior to filtration in most other water systems that cost up to ten times the price and also require electricity. Turns tap, rain (barrel), river or ditch water into clear, healthy drinking water.

How it works

1st stage - the ceramic filter

Ceramic filter - Tradeline

This filter is located in the filling tank and has a fineness of 0.2 microns (0.0002 mm). With this pre-filter you already remove much of the contamination from the water including bacteria, undissolved calcium and magnesium particles. The water slowly passes through the filter and then trickles into the multi-step filter.

2nd step - the new generation multi-step filter

The composition of this new generation multi-step filter was developed especially for the AQV products.

1st coat
High quality, silver impregnated, 30X60 type activated carbon with high uptake.

2nd layer
Zeolite pellets. Environmentally friendly pellets with high adsorption value, filters chlorine compounds such as trihalomethane from the water and various heavy metals, softens the water.

3rd layer
Silica and combo beads. The balls are a combination of various substances including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Kaolin. They have a redox function and anti-bacteriological effect.

4th layer
Illite combo balls. Emit a far infrared frequency of 9.23 micrometers. This frequency vibrates in the same frequency as the human body. This activates cells, stimulates and increases micro blood circulation. They soften the water to a pH of about 7.5. Furthermore, they also have an anti-bacteriological effect.

3rd step - making it alkaline/basic with the pH ring

pH ring

When you order, this is a choice. If you choose the alkaline version, the system comes with a pH ring. This ring is filled with magnetite beads, tourmaline beads, alkaline beads and magnesium beads. The ring increases the pH of the filtered water by an average of 1 - 1.5 pH point to slightly alkaline water. So how high the pH of the water becomes depends on your tap water.

To learn more about alkaline water click here.

4th step - mineralizing

Aqualine mineral stones

During the extensive filtering process, some of the minerals are filtered out of the water. In the lower tank are Elvan mineral stones. A special volcanic rock which only occurs in a few places on our earth. The Elvan stones in the AQV systems come from South Korea. These porous stones contain 18 different minerals that are slowly released into the filtered water. The amounts released in the process are similar to the minerals found in natural water. Some of these Elvan stones are impregnated with silver. This allows no bacterial action to take place in the stagnant water. This allows the water to keep for weeks.

5th phase - vitalizing

Vitalization is a special process that mimics nature. Water in nature will never move in a straight line like our drinking water is pumped through pipes. The water in nature meets a stone or another uneven river, falls down a waterfall or is propelled through a bend. In this process, the water is put into a vortex where the water molecules (H20) are given a nice structure by hydrogen bonds. The magnetic tap contains 4 different magnets of 1200 Gauss. The plus and minus of these magnets lie alternately. This creates a vortex similar to what happens in nature. Due to the magnetic effect, smaller clusters of the water molecules are created.

Vitalization is a process commonly used in horticulture. Without adding or removing any substance, the vitalized water has a beneficial effect on plant growth.

AQV 5 Water Filter - Maintenance

The AQV is very low maintenance. Both filters are replaced annually and the mineral stones only every 3 years. Except for filter replacement, this 4-in-1 water system requires no maintenance.

  • Multi-stage filter
    Replace after 1 year or sooner if 2,000 liters have already been filtered.
  • pH ring
    Replace after 1 year or sooner if 2,000 liters have already been filtered.
  • Ceramic filter
    Replace after 1 year or sooner if 2,000 liters have already been filtered.
  • Mineral stones
    Replace after 3 years.

Worried about bacteria forming in the water? No need to be! Because part of the stones are impregnated with silver, there is no bacterial action in the water, so you always have fresh water.

Click here for the manual to start using the system
Click here for the maintenance and replacement of the filters/stones
Click here for a German test report of our filters.
Click here for a test report of GenX by the Free University of Amsterdam
Click here for an explanation of the GenX test
Click here for a photo report of the GenX test
Click here for a link to a study on substances smaller than a government deems safe.
Click here for information about the filter subscription

Delivery includes:
Ceramic filter
Multi-stage filter
pH ring (only for the alkaline version)
Approx. 550 g Elvan mineral stones
Approx. 200 gr silver impregnated Elvan mineral stones

Upper (plastic) white fill tank: 2 liters
Lower (plastic) storage tank: 5 liters
(Contents of tanks without filters/stones etc.)

High: 46 cm
Width: 24 cm
Depth: 24 cm
Weight: 3.8 kg

ABS - free of BPA, phthalate, odors, flavors or toxic substances

Country of origin:
South Korea

alkaline or pH neutral

Alkaline, pH neutral


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