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Year set AQV 18

Annual replacement filters for the AQV 18 water filter. When ordering, choose between the pH neutral filter, the alkaline combination (pH neutral filter + separate pH ring) or the Redox filter.

73.00 - 83.00

The annual set comes standard with a ceramic filter

When ordering, you must make the following selection:

pH neutral
This filter makes the pH of the water neutral with an average pH of 7.3

Alkaline combination
This is a combination of a pH neutral multi-step filter and a separate pH ring. This combination raises the pH by an average of 1 - 1.5 points to slightly alkaline/basic water.

Through an additional addition of magnesium and bio-ceramic granules, this filter increases the pH of the water by 1 - 1.5 points to slightly alkaline/basic water. Furthermore, this filter lowers the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) giving it a strong antioxidant effect. This helps the body giving free radicals less chance to do damage.

With the alkaline combination, the separate pH ring raises the pH of the water. In the case of the Redox filter, the pH is raised by the filter.

Change the filter after 2,000 liters if you filter more than 6 liters per day. If you filter less than 6 liters of water per day, the manufacturer recommends changing the filter after 1 year. In Germany it is required by law to change filters containing carbon every six months.

Part of the filter consists of activated carbon. This is a natural product. If the carbon is completely saturated with the pollutant then it no longer absorbs anything and will release the pollutant after some time. This moment cannot be determined exactly. Therefore, the advice is to replace the filter at least after 1 year.

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pH neutral, alkaline or Redox

Alkaline, pH neutral, Redox


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