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Year set AQV Neos with Cormac ring

Complete year set of filters and Cormac ring for the AQV Neos. When ordering, you must choose between a Redox and a pH neutral filter. The Redox filter not only filters but also makes the water slightly alkaline and has a strong anti oxidant effect.

92.00 - 96.00

The ceramic filter, multi-step filter and Cormac ring should be replaced annually.

When ordering, make the following selection (a ceramic filter is always supplied by default):

Choose: Redox filter and the Cormac ring € 90.00
Choose: pH neutral filter and the Cormac ring € 86,00

The Redox filter raises the pH of the water by 1 - 1.5 points to slightly alkaline (basic) water and gives the water a strong anti-oxidant effect.
With the pH neutral filter, the water gets a pH of 7.3 on average.

The filtering of both filters is the same.


pH neutral or Redox filter


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