(H)eerlijk gefilterd drinkwater

Multi-step filter AQV 18

Multi-step filter for the AQV 18 water filter system. With the order you have to make a choice between a pH neutral or Redox filter.



Every year or after 2,000 liters of (Dutch) tap water, the multi-step filter of the AQV 18 water filtration system must be replaced.

When ordering, you must make the following choice:

pH neutral
This filter makes the pH of the water neutral with a pH of an average of 7.3

This Redox filter increases the pH of the water by 1 – 1.5 pH point to light alkaline/basic water. Furthermore, this filter lowers the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) which gives the water a strong antioxidant effect. This allows free radicals to do less damage in your body.

Replace the filter after 2,000 liters if you filter more than 6 litres per day. If you filter less than 6 liters of water per day, the manufacturer advises to replace the filter after 1 year. In Germany, it is legally mandatory to replace filters containing carbon every six months.

Part of the filter consists of activated carbon. This is a natural product. If the carbon is completely saturated with the pollution, then it absorbs nothing and over time it will release the pollution again. This moment is not exactly to be determined. Therefore, the advice to replace the filter in any case after 1 year.

Worries about bacteria formation in the filtered water? There’s no need to! Because part of the mineral stones is impregnated with silver, bacterial growth in the water is counteracted. The filtered water in your AQV 18 system will remain good for weeks.

pH neutraal, alkalisch of Redox

pH neutral, Redox


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