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Water purifier cartridge AQV 10

Separate filter cartridge suitable for the AQV 10 and AquaVit 10. Including redox filter.


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AQV 10 water filter cartridge alkaline

This filter features an unprecedented combination of natural ingredients that purifies the water.

AQV 10 Replacement Filter Cartridge (Alkaline) – Advantages

  • Removes chlorine and trihalomethanes, and organic chemical residues, unpleasant odors, coloring matter, heavy metals and acid components;
  • Adjusts water pH;
  • Makes water soft;
  • Gives water an excellent taste;
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevents growth of algae.

AquaVit 10 Replacement Filter Cartridge (Alkaline) – Features

  • Activated carbon:
    Removes contamination such as chlorine, dyes, odors, THMs (trihalomethanes), detergents, organic substances and chemicals.
  • Bio-ceramic balls:
    Make water molecule clusters smaller so the water is easily absorbed by our body tissues and cells.
  • Alkaline mineral concentrate:
    Increases the pH-value of the water to slightly alkaline.
  • KDF:
    Removes heavy metals.
  • Ion Exchanger:
    Reduces hardness.
  • Impregnated with Colloidal silver:
    Prevents bacteria and sterilizes germs.
  • Redox filter integrated in multistage filter cartridge
    The redox filter ionizes the water by means of an ion exchange resin. Ionized water reduces the oxidation-reduction potential. A high ORP contributes to undesirable oxidative degradation (of, for example, cells). AQV Ionized water helps offset the oxidising effects of many elements of modern diet and environment (pollution). This can actually help slow down cellular damage. 


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