Update March 3, 2022.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our water filters.

As you have read, the product you are interested in is currently out of stock. 

This is not because of a shortage of raw materials or parts in South Korea. The ships with our containers on board are also leaving on schedule.

We have been manufacturing and importing our products for more than 20 years. The demand for our water filters, which can also filter rain and ditch water, has increased tremendously in recent months.

The capacity of the glassblower who blows the tanks for us by mouth is limited. We have since entered into a partnership with a 2nd glassblower to increase production.

Furthermore, we have to deal with the large number of ships that have to be unloaded in Rotterdam. Ships sometimes have to wait weeks before they can be unloaded.

In our webshop, we mention the estimated date when the container, which contains your product, will be unloaded in Rotterdam. Unloading takes on average 3 days.

Then the container must be taken to the fulfillment company, which ships orders for us. There the container is unloaded and further processed for shipment.

On a previous container, customs decided to scan our container. As a result, the container could not be brought to the fulfillment company until 10 days later.

These are various causes that may cause your order to be further delayed. This cannot be predicted.

With no additional delay, your order will ship 2 to 3 weeks after the container is unloaded.

Once your order is delivered to our fulfillment company, we will inform you of the expected shipping date.

Use the links below to find ship arrival dates.

The date is the expected date when the ship will be unloaded. You can find these dates on the terminal schedule.

HMM Stockholm - end of April 2022 

Schedule container terminal (enter ship name in search bar) not yet known.

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